Are You Happy With Your Business Strategy?

Do you have a razor sharp focus on the next three years and clearly identified growth targets?

Is the management team and all staff collectively behind the strategy and working toward common goals?

If you’ve answered “no” or “not sure” to the above….read on, or short-cut by dropping us a line today. Contact Us

“OK” you may be thinking, we do need to rethink our plans, the World’s changed over the last 18 months and the strategy is something that’s playing on my mind. I guess we could do with a fresh perspective. 

BUT, typically these engagements with external “experts” can prove frustrating, offer a way to see where you should be but don’t help you deliver. As the business owner, CEO, MD or Managing Partner you and your senior team are headlong into the “day to day” operational priorities and there’s little time to spend on the “strategic stuff!” Having a nice report with recommendations won’t get your objectives over the line.

Would it help to have:

  1. A methodology that would help you plan out a simple, visual and coherent three year plan with defined goals.
  2. A tried and trusted process that takes those overall goals and offers a flexible but structured approach to engaging and motivating your teams to make their contribution toward the overall targets.
  3. An initial, no obligation, one to one consultation to talk through the current situation, challenges and overview of the business position to assess the options.
  4. A fresh perspective from someone who’s been in the trenches, running a multi million turnover business for over a decade including the 2008 recession, Brexit and digital revolution.

We’re launching our new management programme insight 2 impact – combining trusted approaches to business planning and implementation methods taking you from top level strategy all the way through to quarterly plans and monthly tactical actions.

insight 2 impact addresses the issue of failing to achieve the objectives set in your business plan.  Typically the pressure of multiple conflicting challenges, resources, budgets and time conspire to defeat the best of intentions. By marrying a successful goal setting and planning approach to a process that connects the senior members of your team and their reports you can measure each step of the way toward individual and overall targets.

With many years senior management experience including that of a CEO, successfully navigating the 2008 global recession, impact of Brexit and many other challenging situations, David Laud is well placed to support business owners with planning and support at this time.

A member of the Institute of Interim Management and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, David brings a professional yet personable approach to business challenges.

If you would like to reach out and engage with us we would encourage you to complete the enquiry form below, email [email protected] or just call 07880 794731.

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