Why Business Plans Fail

Stress levels for managing and senior partners are high right now, it’s tough out there and made all the more frustrating when they discover they’re some way off from hitting their goals.

But why is that?

First, some reassurance. If you’re in that situation you’re not alone, thousands of businesses from PLC’s to sole traders are discovering that their plans, goals, targets and grand ambitions are not falling into place.

Regardless of how wonderful a plan may be, management teams become all too easily distracted by “day to day” operational tasks of the business.

Examples include; pressing/conflicting priorities, tricky clients, grumbles, complaints or queries, compliance concerns, deadline issues, fees are up but not everyone delivering to target, cyber threats, I.T. upgrades, lack of resource, loss of key staff through sickness, unable to recruit, succession worries, hybrid working, merger discussions, fee targets targets missed, conflicting opinions on the direction of the practice….the list could go on!

Add to this the factors outside your control, covid-19, cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine, Brexit and climate change along with more specific threats of larger firms, accountants and other competitors targeting your clients and staff.

So how do you counter this and successfully lead your firm forward?

How do you find the headspace to think strategically and engage across the business?


  1. Fresh perspective from experts familiar with managing a legal practice through a crisis.
  2. A methodology that helps you create a simple, visual and coherent business growth plan.
  3. *A trusted and globally recognised process that takes your goals and delivers positive actions at a department level working toward your targets.
  4. Commitment from professionals who continue to offer advice and guidance to be sure progress is made.  (We stay in touch providing open channels of support for all participants).

If the above has provided pause for thought and you’d like to explore further, drop us a line.

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*insight 2 impact – a combination of trusted approaches to business planning, management and delivery
insight 2 impact Marketing and Business Growth. Take your ambitions, produce an action plan and deliver.


With many years experience helping clients with growth plans and 14 years as CEO of a successful legal practice  David Laud is well placed to support law firms and chambers with planning and support.

A member of the Institute of Interim Management and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, David brings a professional yet personable approach to business challenges.

If you would like to reach out and engage with us we would encourage you to complete the enquiry form below, email david.laud@i2isolutions.co.uk or just call 07880 794731.


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