Anchor logoAre you looking for a new, innovative method to connect and broadcast to your network?  You might want to read on…

We have social media platforms that offer every possible form of communication, commonly written, increasingly live streaming video but very few that focus purely on the spoken word.

In February this year two huge fans of radio, Nir Zicherman and Michael Mignano launched a new app that puts voice at the heart of its communication platform.  Anchor based on the East Coast, New York, aims to provide users with an opportunity to create regular feeds and grow an audience similar to that of a talk radio station.

Having opened an account and exchanged a few early “waves” I’m a fan.  The look and feel of the app is clean and functional and I can see immediate opportunities for users to develop strong engagement.  The reason for my positivity rests with the manner in which users “waves” are open to replies and a stream of conversation.

Those who find posting content via YouTube, Periscope, Meerkat and Blab uncomfortable, might prefer to work just behind a mic than a camera and this social media newcomer offers a perfect solution.

Anchor is backed by experienced New York broadcasters and aims to use the power of the audio content to grow an engaged and enthusiastic audience.

If you’re something of a big deal such as Ron Burgundy or simply an aspiring broadcaster wanting to try a new platform I’d strongly suggest having a look at Anchor.

Worth noting however that it’s only currently available in IOS format but the team are working hard on the Android version which will be arriving shortly.

If you don’t have an iPhone but have an iPad you can still create “waves” on a tablet.

For more information and to download the app follow this link

To hear an example of a “wave” click on the picture or this link

Feel free to connect with me on the app if you decide to weigh up the Anchor.

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