Why Do Our Best Laid Plans Fail to Deliver Results?

Frustration for entrepreneurs and executives is all too common right now, it’s tough out there and our business plans are not helping.  But why is that?

First thing, some reassurance “IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT”, thousands of businesses from PLC’s to sole traders are discovering that their plans, goals, targets and grand ambitions are not falling into place. You are not alone.

The reality is that you and your team are far too busy with “day to day” operation of the business, pressing priorities, tricky customer complaints or queries, delivery problems, I.T. failures or upgrades, HR issues, struggling to recruit, whatever the challenge be it planned or unexpected you’ve no time for the “strategic stuff!”


  1. A methodology that helps you create a simple, visual and coherent business growth plan.
  2. *A trusted and globally recognised process that takes your goals and shows you how to deliver them.
  3. Fresh perspective from experts familiar with managing through a crisis, re-structuring and growing businesses.
  4. Support that sticks around to be sure it’s working.  (We stay in touch long after our fees have been paid).
  5. A FREE, consultation to assess challenges and consider the options. Enquire Now
*insight 2 impact – a combination of trusted approaches to business planning, management and delivery
insight 2 impact Marketing and Business Growth. Take your ambitions, produce an action plan and deliver.


With over 20 years experience helping clients grow their business  David Laud is well placed to support owners with planning and support.

A member of the Institute of Interim Management and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, David brings a professional yet personable approach to business challenges.

If you would like to reach out and engage with us we would encourage you to complete the enquiry form below, email david.laud@i2isolutions.co.uk or just call 07880 794731.


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