If you’re fed up with sport on TV and looking blankly at the screen trying to find something to fill the void…. look no further, here at  we’ve created the solution.

The T-Bag Game started over ten years ago as a safe, indoor pastime that appealed to the competitive dad in me, well imagine the glory of beating your 3 and 5 year old daughters at a game you invented!! Sad? Yes. Fun? Definitely..but what is it.
As the name suggests all you need is a T-bag per player. Preferred venue, your kitchen. Targets – t-cups or preferably mugs.
The aim. To stand a minimum of four paces from the cup with it placed on a work top face and take turns to throw into a cup.
You take one throw each before you turn the kettle on and one final throw each after the kettle has boiled.
There are two varieties of the game.
Tetley Rules – first one to get a t-bag in a cup wins.
Yorkshire Rules – the winner being the one with the highest number of bags in cups during the kettle boil timescale. In the event of a draw the winner can be determined by the final throw where the one whose bag is nearest to a nominated cup is victorious.
1 point per bag in cup
2 points for bag in cup if you are playing with 2 or more cups and nominate in advance each time (before the throw) which cup you are aiming at.
3 points bag in cup reverse, turn back to cup and throw over shoulder without looking.
4 points for a bag in cup reverse in nominated cup.
Players must be next to eachother or stand in same spot each time.
Underarm or overarm (dart style) are acceptable.
Pyramid, square or round work but it’s best if they are slightly scrunched reducing wind resistence- Warning! split bags forfeit the game
Practice, practice, practice
Avoid wet patches as the t-bag will split or if not be harder to direct
Make sure you make the tea afterwards so you can avoid using the one that fell on the floor in your cup!
Kids grow and now I have an 11 year old son who’s just too good at this, perhaps time to retire.
Go on give it a go and let me know how you get on.
i2i Sports Editor
The T-Bag Game
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