Running a law firm in 2022 is becoming quite the challenge

A recent study by Robert Walters, the recruitment firm, identified that a large proportion, (3 in 5) employed professionals were disengaging from their work.

This disengagement or “quiet quitting” costs businesses in reduced productivity.  The root causes for this trend in behaviour are linked to greater levels of remote working combined with poor organisational structures and planning.

For law firms this level of ambivalence in the workplace could prove the difference between retaining or losing clients and impacts future referrals and repeat instructions.

What’s the answer?

A process i2i initiated in 2021 is proving successful in garnering interest, engagement and motivation toward shared goals.

We call this process insight 2 impact and it involves stripping the strategy back to core activities, participation from a wide variety of support staff, solicitors, department heads and partners. All wrapped into a co-ordinated programme thats mapped, measured and monitored.

In short this is an active business development programme that is working.  The winning formula is not a one size for all, off the shelf template but tailored and homegrown projects borne out of local knowledge and experience matched with the overall goals of the practice.

We work hand in glove with you and your management team to encourage active participation in a dynamic, fun and insightful process which is light on buzzwords whilst focused on practical, tangible and ambitious plans that we structure into working projects.

It’s not rocket science The simple objective is to assist the firm in achieving its growth plans by spreading the responsibility for innovation and delivery as widely as possible.

No more frustrations borne of a business plan detached from the work of fee earners.  In its place we have projects scoped, owned, monitored and measured.  These projects take care of the direction and delivery of the next 12 months business development goals.

We were excited by the possibilities of insight 2 impact but had no idea how successful it would prove to be. The truth is, executed well this programme encourages firm-wide engagement, connects individuals with a direct contribution that they can identify as impacting the business resulting in a positive collaborative culture.

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