Interim Management can be described as the rapid, hands-on resolution of business problems by highly experienced senior executives hired on a short-term basis of typically 3-9 months.

An interim manager is typically an all-in-one project manager, consultant and senior executive working at or very close to board level.

Typical benefits of interim management are:

β€’ Rapid initiation and commencement from initial decision

β€’ Minimum recruitment and termination formalities

β€’ Quick results achieved by generally over-qualified interims who are achievement and result driven – flexibility is prime

β€’ Interim managers bring broad skills and experience and transfer this to the client’s team – happy to inject ideas

β€’ Full ownership taken and will not just make recommendations but implement actions and improvements

β€’ Clear objective definition, regular progress reports and performance measurement

β€’ Provides the opportunity to see what can really be achieved and the standards which can be attained – revitalises an operation

Typical situations when interim management is helpful

β€’ Sudden departure of key personnel/skills shortage

β€’ Closing down or selling off a facility

β€’ Major change initiative needed

β€’ Launch or start up of new business

β€’ Business survival and turnaround

β€’ Personal development and mentoring

β€’ Maternity leave/long term absence

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