David Laud is a qualified mentor and has participated in a number of mentoring programmes.

Currently David is a mentor linked to the Entrepreneurs Forum “If we can you can” initiative and he is also an official Mentor for the Chartered Institute of Marketing. To help identify if you would benefit from a mentoring relationship we’ve outlined a few pointers below.

Features of mentoring Relationship

• A one-to-one, dynamic interpersonal relationship

• Addresses the developmental needs of the individual

• Proactive

• Focuses on longer term needs

• Uses a non-directive (asking) repertoire

• Individual person-focused (rather than task-focussed)

• A long-term relationship

• Helps the learner improve his/her ability to learn

• May challenge his/her preferred learning style

• A lateral process – unlocking creativity to solve problems and explore options

• Increases motivation


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