It’s gong season, the Globes, BAFTAs and up and coming Oscars. But do we really care? When we’re worried about covering the mortgage, keeping or finding a job and dealing with our daily stresses red carpets can be more like red rags….. the glitz the glamour the glory hunters, coiffed, cute and closeted.

But, at times like these we are probably more likely than ever to want to escape to Hollywood and immerse ourselves in a world we’ll never really know. The creative industries can deliver much needed solace and escapism and right now that sounds good to me.

So I’ll be watching the beautiful people smile graciously as they see rivals gush whilst clasping their shiney trophies. Because like the movies, this is a fantasy that we can all switch on and lose ourselves in. Thanks to mum, dad, my wife and kids, Schnorkle the dog for their support in helping me with this, my very first blog.

And the award goes to….
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